Update: Fuck It, I hate EA and can’t stand watching this anymore. It’s like watching a Micheal Bay or Dreamworks Movie. A-list Voice Acting, Z-List writers, and Loud music/explosions.

Typing and updating as this is shown Live. The games revealed and My opinion of what was shown.

Dante’s Inferno
Looks like God of War Style gameplay. Only a Teaser Trailer was Shown.

Sims 3
Only a Teaser Trailer was Shown.

Oh God…. Littleest Petz Shop: Online
Kill me now. Build it a home, buy it clothes, and every other possible girly stereotype you can think off.

Charms Girls Club
Pajama Party, Perfect Prom, …… Their new slogan should be “Welcome to EA: We’re not sexist at all”

Need for Speed: Shift

Did not impress me. A very generic looking Driving game.

Dragon Age : Origins

Loud Rock Music and explosions does not make a good game.

Mass Effect 2

Doesn’t look like they added any new features to the game play. New characters, new worlds. If you liked the first one you’ll like the sequel.

EA Sports
Fight Night: Round 4 (June 25 2009)
They added a new physics engine. So now the height, weight, and reach of the real life boxer is taken into account. Not my type of game but looks interesting.

MMA (2010)
The next franchise to come to EA. Mixed Martial Arts.

Madden NFL 10

There was a general montage of Sports games shown.

The Conference then led to Games that are “Partnered with EA”. These at least had raised some semblance of interest in me.
The Sabotuer

Think Assassin’s Creed in Nazi France. I’ll probably pick it up after it goes through a few price drops.

Brutal Legend

Jack Black saves the world using the power of Rock. It should be entertaining, but I would wait for the used or bargain bin for this one.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

An MMO set a few thousand years before the movies. But the interesting part is that you have to play as all the available classes in order to get the full story as each class gets different missions and therefore sees the events unfolding around them from a different point of view.

That is pretty much the Highlights of the Press conference. A big old Meh! as far as I’m concerned.

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