Here are the Big Announcements from Microsoft in roughly the order they were presented at the conference.  (Will be updated with Video as it becomes available)

ROCK BAND: Beatles

Release Date Announced at 9-9-09 alongside of Remastered Release of the entire Beatles catalog in a 13 CD Set. 10 of the 55 songs on the game were also announced.

  1. I Saw Her Standing There
  2. I Want to Hold Your Hand
  3. I Feel Fine
  4. Day Tripper
  5. Taxman
  6. I Am the Walrus
  7. Back In The U.S.S.R.
  8. Octopus’s Garden
  9. Here Comes the Sun
  10. Get Back

Also announced DLC of Abbey Road album, as well as exclusive DLC “All You Need Is Love” with all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders.

They then moved on to some Game premieres.  The first three are cross platform and the rest are XBOX 360 exclusives.

1:  Tony Hawk: Ride (No release date given)

Game uses a skateboard controller that has accelerometers and motion sensors.  Tony Hawk gave a demonstration showing that the cntroller can tell when you grab the board, what direction it is facing, and it can tell when you push your foot off the ground to move.  It was essentially a Wiimote on crack.  I don’t play this type of game but the controller interface makes me think I may be changing my mind about Skate games.

2:  Modern Warfare 2 (November 2009)

An ingame demonstration was given.  Typical FPS. Nothing Special really.  The multiplayer DLC Maps will hit Xbox Live first.

3:  Final Fantasy 13 (Spring 2010)

The good ol’ ATB is back with a twist.  There are 4 levels of charge that determine the attacks that are available.  The in-game action will please fans of the series. Summons fight alongside the character that summoned them and are playable like a normal character.  Other characters dissapear untill the summons is over.

4:  Shadow Complex (No release date given)

An XBOX Arcade game. It has the play style of the original Metroid and Castlevania games, with the graphics we expect from modern games.  Aproximately 10 hours of gameplay according to the developer.   Looks like it would be worth the DL as long as its less than $20.

5:  Joy Ride (No release date given)

An XBOX Arcade game.  A Mario Kart style game that allow you to use your Avatar as the driver. The game is going be released as a free download, with extra tracks and other DLC costing $.  But on the plus side only one of your friends has to buy a new track and everyone can play it while that friend is connected.

6:  Crackdown 2 (No release date given)

Teaser trailer only.  Meh.

7:  Left 4 Dead 2 ( November 17 2009)

Another Teaser Trailer.  Meh.

8:  Splinter Cell: Conviction (No release date given)

Sam Fisher goes on insane killing spree to find the man that killed his daughter.  Sand box style play (Think Assassin’s Creed).   Game play demo looked like this would be an excellent game to get.

9:  Forza Motorsport 3 (October 09)

400 Cars from 50 manufacturers.  Customize paint jobs and trade them over Xbox Live.

10:  HALO 3: ODST (September 22 2009)

This is the one game I am really looking forward to as a fan of the Halo series.  It takes place on Earth 3 weeks before the events of Halo 3.  You change between various ODS Troopers as you piece together the mystery of New Mumbassa.

11:  HALO: REACH (No release date given)

OMG!!!!  It was just a teaser but i can’t wait.  If you haven’t read the Halo Novels, Reach is the planet where Masterchief and all the other Spartens were created.  The events in the novel (Titled “The Fall of Reach”) starts at  the creation of the Sparten program and ends minutes before the events of HALO: Combat Evolved.  I highly recommemned the novels.  I damn near shit my self when they announced a game that takes place on reach.

12:  Alan Wake

An interesting looking game.  I concernes the protagonist, Alan Wake, who is a horror writer.  His latest novel is coming true and he must find his manuscript so he can stop the evil that plaques the town.  I know it sounds gay but the gameplay looked awesome.

13:  Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Along with Final Fantasy, a PS exclusive franchise is coming to XBOX.  But not with Solid Snake,  Raiden is back.

There were also some partnership announcements with Facebook and Twitter.  You will be able to link your Facebook, Twitter, and Xbox Live accounts to use your Xbox to tweet, poke, get/give status updates, look at photos, videos and anything else you used to do at your computer from the confort of your couch. is coming to the Xbox dashboard for Gold members at no extra charge.  And live party will alow you to not just have a lobby to communicate with friends as you jup from game to game together.  You will now be able to have 1 person in your party purchase a movie from the on demand service (now called Zoom) and have everyone watch it, in 1080p glory, even if you are not in the same house.  How they managed to convince the movie studios to allow that I can’t figure out.  And the ondemand service is expanding from 8 to 18 countries.

UK and Ireland Xboxers will get Live Sky TV on their dashboard.  Not available elsewhere yet.

But the last and certainly not least announcment was of a new technology codenamed: Project  Natal. 

A full Facial, Voice, and body movement recognition system that allows you to control the XBOX and its games without a controller of any kind.  Your body becomes the controller.  The demo was amazing.  Walk infront of the system and it automatically signs you in.   The avatars follow you body movements flawlessly, and you can even scan your own gear into the system.  As a demonstration they held a skateboard up to the TV and it took the pattern of the board and added it to an ingame skateboard.  WOW.   No release date was given but the development kits hit today, and the system is fully compatible with all XBOX 360 consoles.  NO need to buy a new system.

Peter Molyneux (of Fable fame) has already created a game using this system.  Its an interactive adventure of hanging out with a boy named Milo.  Sounds gay, but Milo can understand a huge amount of conversation, and he reacts to your movements.  Those that play the game say that its immersive enough that they even react to his movements, such as reaching for a item dropped by MIlo that logically they know they cannot catch, and did not need to as far as game play required.  If Microsoft can pull through on Project Natal it will blow Nintendo’s motion controll revolution out of the water.

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