higashiEden of the East was a big hit during the Spring 2009 anime season, and during the final episode, they announced 2 movies to finish off the story. According to the trailer (in Japanese), Eden of the East: The King of Eden was to play at theatres around Japan on November 28th, while Eden of the East: Paradise Lost was set to launch on January 9th. However, the news section of their site is reporting that the first movie will not see a theatrical release until December 19th. No word yet whether Paradise Lost will also be delayed due to the change in release of The King of Eden.

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  • Awesome Series. I have hope that since it’s not an American company running things they shouldn’t fuck up the story just because it’s in a Movie format now.

    I also hope the subbing sites will have this up shortly after release.

    Any word on there ever being an official English subbed version?

  • I know that Funimation has licensed the television series for DVD release, but I’m not sure that their license extends to the movies. I’ll see what I can find out.

  • I spoke with a representative from FUNimation, who holds the license for Eden of the East’s television series, and she indicated that they currently do not have a license for the movies, but are interested in pursuing them.

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