The Web sites for computer game giant Eidos Interactive (Square Enix is the parent company) and one of its biggest titles — Deus Ex– was hacked yesterday. User information, résumés, and unidentified source code has been stolen. obtained a copy of the attackers’ IRC logs, detailing the attack. Approximately 9,000 résumés were stolen and the personal information of approximately 80,000 registered users of the Deus Ex website.

It’s being charged that this is part of a larger “civil war” brewing in the ranks of Anonymous. The Sony Ops IRC channels have been taken over by a splinter group, whose members are mentioned in the Eidos chat logs. The war appears to be over ideological differences. Should they be a hacktivist group, should they return to their more traditional trolling “for the lulz”, or can the two survive under the same name.

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