YsIandIIlogoXseed has announced that they will be releasing enhanced versions of the first two Ys games via Steam this week. Ys I & II Chronicles+ features remastered versions of the first two Nihon Falcom titles while retaining much of the classic gameplay such as the “bump” combat system. The enhanced version also offers two soundtrack options: the original MIDI soundtrack or a new, more metal version recorded by Falcom. The game will have Steam cloud support and a boss rush mode as well.

In Ys, a dark force has come over the once prosperous land, and Adol Christin sets out to find the six books of Ys and stop the blight that is destroying the land of Esteria. The games are available for preorder via Steam right now for a 15% discount; otherwise, you can snag them for $14.99 starting on February 14th. You can check out the trailer for Ys I & II Chronicles+, which features the new music arrangement, below.

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