At the Dubai World Game Expo (ya I didn’t know the Middle East had a game convention either) the first game rating system with the blessings of Mohamed has been revealed. The Entertainment Software Rating Association (ESRA) will rate games from an Islamic point of view to ensure that adults and kids alike don’t accidentally play a game that might have elements offensive to Islam in them.

“The approach of Islam is based on human being innateness ‘Al Fitra,’ and the most important innate trends are truth, virtue, benevolence, excellence tendency, innovation and creativity. That’s why we made sure that ESRA team are proficient in these areas; Religion, Psychopathology, Educational psychology, Social psychology, Sociology of the family, Family Sociology, Emotional Psychology, Family therapy and Educational technology,” said Dr. Minaei.

The system is voluntary at this point but technically so is the ESRB. I expect many of the more repressive countries to make such a system mandatory by law and the not so repressive to make it mandatory by threat of making it law (as is the case with the ESRB). It will be interesting to see how the ratings play out though.

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