Fans of the Ar Tonelico series know that the game is filled with thinly-veiled sexual innuendos and objectification of women. Even so, the previous two games only managed to earn a Teen rating from the ESRB. But in the upcoming Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel, the writers at Gust and translators at NIS America earned their keep, getting an M rating from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board.

You can see the whole report here, but we’ve gone ahead and sifted through for the stuff you really care about:

“Some power moves cause female characters’ clothes to vanish in layers; the characters are often depicted holding (covering) their breasts, wearing only underwear, or standing behind strips of light that obscure their genitals. In one cutscene, male characters encourage a woman to strip (e.g., “Uh . . . do I have to take off even more clothes…?” and “Quit teasing us and do it already!”); another sequence depicts a male character “removing” a magical crystal from a female character—this scene is accompanied by suggestive moans and comments (e.g., “Aoto’s putting his hand inside Soma” and “Fumble around every inch inside of her . . . you will find what you’re looking for . . . !”).”

After that last bit, cutscenes that briefly show buttocks or the occasional curse word just seem pretty mundane. This is why we love you, Japan.

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