Yesterday we got our first Live action teaser for the upcoming Halo: Reach game. I had complained yesterday that:

I’m kinda surprised that they broke their own canon with this clip. In the book, “Fall of Reach”, the Spartans are given the enhancement drugs when they are 10-12 y.o. And they go from being small but physically fit to looking like Lou Ferrigno. over the course of a few days.

Today MS and Bungie released an “extended” version of the video that answers some of my thoughts on the video from yesterday.

[flashvideo file= width=545 height=307 /]

Well in this extended version the computer readouts list the soldier as a Spartan III. From the books the Master Chief was from the first round of Spartans that were created, the Spartan II project. So to cut the cost and time it took to make a Spartan the UNSC used cheaper chemicals that had more side effects (including mental instability) and lower amount of body enhancement but that was more than offset by the cost savings. The Spartan III’s also did not receive the same level of tactical training as the II’s as they were to be used for suicide missions. So while the clip still looks great, it still is breaking the canon as the the Spartan III program did not start until late in the war. I should stop now before I go all fan boi on there ass. 😛

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