A new day in Eorzea is coming soon.

After a slew of pretty crushing reviews, hope has been in short supply for fans and programmers of Final Fantasy XIV alike. There have been numerous complaints about the interface and the structure, and Square Enix has worked on assuaging their fans with more free months and patches that have fixed some, but not nearly all, of the problems.

The other shoe has now dropped. CEO Yoichi Wada has come forward and admitted that the PC version of Final Fantasy XIV is pretty much a failure, and as a result, the team in charge of the game has been restructured from the top down. Hiromichi Tanaka has been removed as the producer and will be replaced with the less well-known Naoki Yoshida. Yoshida was the director of Cross Edge, and assistant director of Record of Agarest War. Quite a few other members of the team will also be removed or assigned new duties, as well. Wada hopes that the new blood will take the PC version and make “a concrete plan outlining Final Fantasy XIV‘s new direction.” Until this plan is put into motion, though, subscribers can still play the game for free.

As a result of all the restructuring and the supposed new direction that the game will move towards, Wada also announced that the PS3 version will be delayed indefinitely. Considering how poorly the PC version has fared, I can only commend them for making one of the best decisions so far about Final Fantasy XIV. I couldn’t imagine the PS3 version launching very smoothly in its current state.

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