Major League Baseball has signed an agreement with Sony that will allow PS3 owners to use their MLB.TV subscriptions to watch internet broadcasts of Major League Baseball games through their PS3s. According to the New York Times, Sony will make a formal announcement of the deal within the next 24 hours, and PS3 owners may be able to watch games on their systems as soon as tonight.

You will have to purchase the MLB.TV package in order to watch the games, though. The standard MLB.TV package runs $100 for the whole season while the premium package, which adds DVR-like capabilities, will cost an additional $20. Keep in mind that MLB.TV does have “blackout restrictions” for live games based on where you are watching your games from, but you can watch any game that is already completed no matter where you live.

I personally have been having trouble with the NexDef codecs on my Linux box that is hooked to my television; so, if my PS3 will be able to stream it to my TV instead, that’s a great deal for me. Anyone else happy to see this news?

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