FUNimation and Netflix have struck a deal to add a wide variety of FUNimation’s anime library to the Netflix instant play system. Effective immediately, Netflix subscribers can watch series such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Samurai 7, Full Metal Panic, and Gunslinger Girl through their video game consoles and computers. In total, the new agreement adds over 30 more series to add to your instant queue. Currently, this service is limited to viewers in the United States and Canada.

Regarding the move to instant streaming, Mario Rodriguez, Senior Brand Manager for FUNimation said, “We have offered our titles for rental through Netflix for years but this is the first time we have made our content available for streaming on the service. We are offering more anime content than anyone else and we will be expanding that list over time. It’s part of our overall strategy to offer consumers our content to watch when, where and how they want to.”

FUNimation also offers digital content via the iTunes store and websites such as Hulu and YouTube. Netflix streaming access requires a Netflix subscription of at least $8.99 per month to access the streaming features.

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