While not a complete recall, FUNimation has issued an announcement that some of their Full Metal Panic! Complete Series DVD sets have been released with some disc printing errors. Apparently the first disc that should include episodes 4-6 instead was printed with 16-18 on them. The remastered series was released last September, but this is the first we’ve heard of a disc issue. It’s possible that these were made as part of a second run discs.

Many of these faulty discs were sold through RightStuf.com, who posted the following announcement regarding the issue:

A disc authoring error has been found on some Full Metal Panic: The Complete DVD Series box sets. Episodes 4-6 on the first disc have been replaced with episodes 16-18 on the affected sets. This is not a widespread problem, but if your set contains a faulty first disc, please contact FUNimation directly via email to have a replacement disc sent to you.

The issue seems to only affect the DVD version and not the Blu-ray version. You can see our review of the Blu-ray version here.

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