Gamefly announced today that it is expanding it service to PC games. The new service will be included with all subscription plans. The system essentially lets you download full games to your PC or Mac, which you can play as long as you have a valid subscription in place.

A closed beta will begin on September 8th. If you want to get in on the beta go here.

Gamefly is also adding a social networking platform to their service. It is available to anyone, no subscription necessary. You will have a friends list, the ability to search comments in a twitter like atmosphere, and gamefly will suggest friends to you based on your gaming preferences.

Users will also get a “shelf” where they can make a media library of their own exploits in a game, or to use as a homage to their favorite game.

Sounds like Onlive is getting some competition. But with Onlive being $9.99/mo and GameFly at $15.95 if all you want is the PC games then Onlive is still your best bet.

Anyone going to try and get in on that Beta?

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