Online video game rental service GameFly released a free, new iPhone application called GameCenter yesterday. A walkthrough video from cofounder Sean Spector (also available here) is available along with lists of program features.

The new application has four tabs: Games, News, GameFly and Settings. The Games tab allows users to get game information including release date, ESRB rating, publisher, and genre. There are also sections for Game specs, congrols, cheats and a button to add a game to your GameQ. The news tab gives a run down of industry and release news available from GameFly’s website. Both of these sections allow you to select from all platforms or limit yourself to one platform (e.g., PC, Wii, PSP).

The GameFly tab offers a 2-game, 15-day free trial for new users, and for existing users you can manage your GameQ and also choose to keep a game from the application. The Settings tab lets you re-order the listing of platforms under News and Games as well as set up sharing via Facebook and Twitter. They also have a feedback section for users to offer insight into improving the app. So far, it looks like a good app for current GameFly users, and a good deal for new people to join.

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