This man will get a statue in his honor.
The Gygax Memorial Fund was set up to honor the late Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons and Dragons. The fund was setup by Gary’s Widow, Gail.

The Gygax Memorial Fund has reached a huge milestone. We have been granted land for the memorial site at Donian Park. Donian Park is a four acre open space site which encompasses a wetland and the 100 year recurrence interval floodplain along the White River in downtown Lake Geneva.

Here’s a section of the City of Lake Geneva Board of Park Commissioners meeting minutes from Janurary 5th, 2011:

Gygax Memorial-

Library Park was added to the application so that it reads both Donian Park and Library Park as a potential place for a monument. The design would include a castle turret with a bust on top and possibly have a dragon wrapped around the turret. A motion was made by the Mayor to approve the site in Donian Park, south of the walkway, on the southeast corner of Mill Creek. The footprint is not to exceed 10 feet by 10 feet. This was seconded by Phillips. Added to the motion was that Gygax should bring a detailed map to bring to the Council as well as a detailed statue design to come back to the Park Board for approval. Motion passed unanimously.

Although we still need to get the exact location and design approved, the motion to erect of the memorial in Donian Park was unanimously passed. Everything’s starting to come together folks.

Honestly if the memorial Statue is not a Duck Bunny then it will not truly show the great imagination that that man had.

Yes this is a real AD&D Monster.

More candidates of this stature for the memorial can be found here.

What do you think would make a good statue in Gygax’s honor?

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