Isaac Clarke is back, and this time, he’s not alone. Well, that holds only if you choose to play Dead Space 3 in co-op, with John Carver lending a helping hand. Believe me, after watching this 20-minute long official gameplay demo recently unveiled by EA, you will want to play it in co-op. Without further ado,we present to you the Dead Space 3 demo, narrated by Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis. Dive in to get a meaty look at the gameplay, the enemies, and of course, the ginormous boss fights Dead Space is famous for.

So, as you saw, the latest entry in EA’s horror survival franchise is bringing along a lot of changes: human enemies, co-op, secondary weapon attachments (as was shown, a force gun attached to the traditional assault rifle), and so on. Playing it in co-op also apparently gives you new cutscenes and new story details which you otherwise wouldn’t get. That should be reason enough for even those apprehensive about the inclusion of co-op to try it out.

Coming back to the trailer, did it blow your mind blown to a million pieces? Can’t wait to carve the ugly Necromorphs with your friends? You know we are waiting for you to sound off below!

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