Sega has announced a contest where one lucky winner will have their fan art made into a an in-game item. The item will be a wall scroll that can be hung up in the MY Room are of the game. The general rule is simple. Design what you want as long as it is Phantasy Star related.

How to Enter: Create your own piece of Phantasy Star themed Fan Art! The art can be from any game in the series. Check to make sure your dimensions are correct, that you’ve read over all the other details and legal rules, and then submit it to us via e-mail at!

Please Note: All entries need to include the full name and phone number of the person submitting!

Dimensions: The image should be 374 x 561 pixels (or multiples of this size) so it can be scaled properly. If your image doesn’t fit these dimensions, it’ll end up looking sort of like this, only with more colors and the people screaming will be our judges. So just make sure you double check that your size is correct, please!

The Prizes:

* One Grand Prize Winner receive their art included as a wall-scroll in Phantasy Star Portable 2, and a free copy of the game!
* Two First Place Winners winners will each receive a free copy of the game, and their submissions featured on the SEGA Blogs!
* Seven Runner-up Winners will each receive a Phantasy Star T-shirt, and an inflatable Rappy!

The contest is set to end next week on June 2nd, so time is of the essence! Spread the word quickly if you’ve got friends who might want to enter, as we need to get our winners picked soon so we can get their art inside the game!

As an example of what your picture should look like the Sega team made their own wall scroll. See the post pic. It will be interesting to see what gets submitted.

The full set of lawyer worded rules can be found here.

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