If you can’t get enough teasers for Persona 4 Arena, you’re in luck. Atlus has kept a steady stream of assets coming, so we have some more nifty screenshots and videos for you today. We’ve already had one article showcasing one round of arcade mode screens, and you can check out the second batch in the gallery below. Atlus also recently released several videos showing off different character move sets, and we’ve included the ones for Chie and Naoto after the gallery for your viewing pleasure. Head on over to our YouTube channel to view videos for Kanji, Yosuke, Yu, and Yukiko. You can also see the character packs for Chie and Yosuke as well as UI screenshots from earlier this week here. As approach Persona 4 Arena‘s August 7th release on the PS3 and 360, we will keep you updated with any new screens and other information we receive on this spinoff.

Arcade Mode Screens

Character Move Set Video: Chie


Character Move Set Video: Naoto

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