Over at the BethBlog, to help get people motivated about The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim, Pete Hines (vice president of Bethesda Softworks) has announced a small “Quest” if you are up to the challenge.

So, think you have the stat points in you to produce the perfect eight pound dragon-slayer? Like the wizened wizard he is, Pete is throwing down with a casual quest, offering up an unknown reward to any couple adventurous enough to name their 11/11/11-born child “Dovahkiin.” While it may be difficult to play Skyrim from the hospital, just think of how many late nights you’ll have to lull your little Dragonborn with Jeremy Soule’s soothing music.

That was posted last Friday on the 18th. Today they updated the post to let you know what your quest reward would be.

If anyone is seriously considering this, we’ve got a few ideas in mind for a collection of quest rewards. How’s this for a shower gift: a Steam key that will grant you, and presumably Dovahkiin him/herself, every ZeniMax/Bethesda game — past, present and future — for life. Once your child eventually achieves cognition — and grows old enough to play intense video games — we think it will agree that this key blows away a pink pleated onesie. As for the rest of the loot, we’ll leave it as a surprise.

If you are fan enough to legally name your 11/11/11 child Dovahkiin, then you can have the entire Bethesda / ZeniMax catalog for free for life. Totally worth the teasing little Dovahkiin will face throughout life. Right?

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