Go! Media’s manga publishing division has allowed their website‘s domain registration to expire. According to Anime News Network, their twitter account has also been deleted and hadn’t posted any new content since February 1st. ANN also reports that the company had not published any new manga since October 2009. Back in January, an announcement on the site indicated that Go! Comi would be scaling back personnel due to digital piracy and a poor economy and suggested that they may close if things did not improve. (Consequently, it’s probably hard to improve sales when you stop publishing.)

Apparently, my hopes for the manga industry recovering soon are making me look like a Pollyanna. While Go! has not officially announced a closure, things are not looking good for the publisher. 07-Ghost, Tenshi ja Nai!, After School Nightmare and all their other titles are on indefinite hiatus. If they do end up closing, hopefully another publisher can pick up their licenses.

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