We received an invitation to the press conference which is going to happen at 12pm today as well as a teaser video. So far the whole ordeal seems to be a publicity stunt to draw attention to a new offering. So I am gonna to guess that the site will re-open under a new name and will start selling newer games.

Check back after lunch for an update.


Well the conference is over and it was The founders came out dressed as monks and begged forgiveness for the unexpected shutdown.  The big news is that they will be back, they have not been bought out  and will remain DRM FREE!!!!!

New Features:

The site will be able to handle 6x more users, thanks to 10x faster server, and 98% new code.

Front Page
– More Eye Catching
– Direct Link to free games on Main Page
– New Users only need Username, Email, password. No confirmation emails are sent.
– Catalog on main page divided by genre tabs.
– Recommendation engine based on previous purchase, buying history.
– Community section accessible at bottom of homepage show latest Discussions, Ratings, and Gogmixes (see below).
– Main Catalog has real time search bar. Games that have already been purchased are greyed out

Game Pages

– The game descriptions are now written by the game testers at GOG and not the marketing dept of the game maker.
– “what’s cool about this game” features a few bullets about the game highlights
– Free goodies still remain. (ie. avatars, artwork, soundtracks for each game.)
– Most games are currently compatible with Win7. Those that are not are currently being worked on.
– Added Facebook “Like” button to all game pages.
– Game pages have download time estimator.
– Game pages have “Customers who bought this bought X” area, “More games in this series” area, and the “GOGmix” area.
– GOGMix – A user created list of games around one theme. There are rankings and voting for GOGmixes. The “MonKs” suggested making a mix of games with sexy female characters. lol!

Community area
– All games you have purchased are added to a “Game Specific Forum” area for easy access.
– Separate areas for “Hot Topics”, most viewed by you, and discussion you participated in area.

The new site will go live 8.00 a.m. EDT Sept 23 and to celebrate they they added Baldur’s gate w/ expansion for $9.99

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