chromeosAre  you a PC owner who doesn’t want Windows 7? Is Karmic Koala not your thing? Well, Google might have your answer as soon as next week. TechCrunch is reporting that Google’s famed Chrome OS, first announced in July, is almost ready for public use. As this is the first go-around for Google in the OS market, there will certainly be some bugs to work out. But for the most part, the products and services they offer work better than average at release, and I expect the same this time. As TechCrunch points out, the biggest hurdle for them has been getting all of the hardware drivers to function properly, and the rumors have been split whether Google was writing them themselves or getting them from the manufacturers.

Early reports indicate that Chrome OS is directed more toward netbooks than desktops; so, it won’t be a Microsoft-killer anytime soon. Also, I have yet to see commentary regarding its integration with their Android phone platform, but one would assume that if Google wants to tap into Microsoft’s market share in the slightest, integration is going to have to be one of their big selling points. Soon, though, our questions will be answered.

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  • They’re starting with netbooks because MS does not have the same hold on the market yet. And netbook users are typically only using them for websurfing and email so using a non-MS OS will be an easier switch.

    The chrome os is essentially just a browser so it should take up less space, less power to run, and it is integrated into all of googles offerings (gmail, docs, etc…) that a lot of people already use.

    It will be interesting to see how well they do. Linux has gained some ground with Ubuntu but doesn’t have the resources to fight the MS Monopoly. Google does however. And While you can hear daily complaints about something going wrong with windows, I have never heard anyone say a google product was broken.

  • This will be so awesome when it’s available for desktops too. I have an old spare Dell that still works perfectly, but Windows needed reinstalling and I didn’t have the Windows ME media (nor did I want it) 🙂 so I installed Ubuntu. But a coworker came to me saying his wife’s pc which she just uses for internet browsing needs Windows reinstalled – and likewise he doesn’t have the media. I told him about Ubuntu, but oh boy the Google OS would most likely be a lot friendlier for him to install and for anyone to use day-to-day with other Google apps. I don’t plan to buy Windows ever, unless it just comes with a PC.

  • As I think about it. If it all works the way they say then Chrome will have the style and simplicity of a Mac and the price of Linux. It has a lot of potential.

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