googleaccountsToday, the official Google blog announced that Google Dashboard is ready to go. It gives Google users a place to see all of their Google service information at once. Not all of the services have been incorporated into the Dashboard yet. The list of future addtions includes Analytics, Adsense, Checkout, Groups, Notebook, Book Search, Webmaster Tools, Subscribed Links and Wave, but the vast majority of user information is available. Each service has a few pieces of contact information, whether it is publicly visible as well as links to management options. The blog post even included an introductory video (see below).

The Dashboard is a pretty convenient way to check your settings for all of your Google apps at once. I found it nice and useful since it reminded me that I had a defunct blog and calendar that I no longer use that I could get rid of. It is a little scary how much info Google can gather on a person through all their services, but they haven’t done me wrong so far, and I don’t really have anything to hide, anyway.

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