Over the weekend at the New York Comic-Con, 343 Studios held a Halo Anniversary Panel. Official videos of the Q&A session are not available yet, so the video above is from a member of the audience that goes by the youtube handle SimpsonsRule17.

Major Announcements:

  • The Hang’em High map is being remade.
  • A mobile app called ATLUS will become available at launch.  The app shows the location of your team in real time during a match, along with other  information like whether they are under fire.
  • You can create custom challenges, like those that bungie makes, for up to 7 of your friends.  The more difficult the challenge, the more experience your friends will earn.
  • If you own a Kinect sensor you will get two added features.  The voice recognition  will have certain built in commands such as “reload,” “grenade,” and  “remastered,” or  “legacy” to switch video modes.  A command called “Analyze” will add dead enemies and certain objects into a database where you can get more information and view 3d models of the objects.
  • Fly throughs of the multiplayer maps will be made available starting 7-days before launch with one new video posted each day.
  • The vehicles in campaign mode are indestructible, but the multiplayer vehicles are not.
  • There are no plans for DLC prior to Halo 4’s release.
  • Co-op is limited to 2 players as they felt that 4 player co-op would make things too easy.

While the ATLUS app sounds neat, you know it will only be available on Windows Phone 7.   And I know we’ll be hearing complaints from folks about being killed while they took their eyes of the main screen.

I like the idea of the custom challenges.  You know folks are going to come up with some crazy hard challenges.  They could make this feature very popular if they allow the challenges to be shared on Bungie.net like you can with custom maps.

The kinect controls are going to be a great source of trolling if you have a roommate or are on party chat.  How does the software prevent you from throwing a grenade when you mention the word grenade, in conversation?  I guess we’ll see.

Halo: Anniversary  is set for release on Nov. 15th.

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