Some players of Kinectimals have discovered that you can unlock Halo toys for your RC racing pleasure. The Warthog (Human) and the Ghost (Covenant) vehicles are unlocked by playing different race courses. As an added touch both vehicles sound like their counterparts in the Halo games. Kotaku has a nice video of both cars (They say there is a 3rd vehicle but they’re leaving it a surprise.) Of course as I watched the video I thought 2 things.

I think my head is about to explode into candy. This single shot makes me want the game.

Are you smoking yet!!

Putting items from a Mature rated game into an E rated game just screams of future marketing. The same strategy used by cigarette companies and McDonalds. The idea is you make children associate “Happy Feelings” with your products or logos (Candy cigarettes packs that look like Marlboro, or toys in happy meals, Ronald McDonald in commercials, etc…) so when they are old enough to buy your type of product they will go for yoursand not your competitors as they subconsciously associate your product with happy childhood memories.

For the devils advocate side maybe they put those in their for the adults who will be playing, but do you honestly think the people who play Halo will be playing Kinectimals?

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