Hidden in weekly post on Bungie’s Blog was a little announcement written in LoLspeak that most of us missed.

Totally Unrelated Question 4: Can I haz Campaign Matchmaking?

Totally Related Answer: Yes.

No further details have been given. This would be the first time that Bungie has introduced matchmaking to story mode. Since Halo 2 it has been possible to have a friend join to play the story mode. Now you can grab a random stranger. This has pluses and minuses.

The Good:

  • Match with a skilled player and get help with finding Skulls.
  • Get needed help for other achievements
  • You could specialize your weapon choices for a new challenge to the game play.

The Bad:

  • Just think of all the griefers that inhabit Live and now imagine them f-ing up your story mode.

At least in LIVE your on to a new game very quickly if griefers show up.  Screwing up campaign mode can set you back in a more frustrating way.

So does anyone plan on trying out matchmaking for Campaign mode?

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