Around mid September Halo: Reach will get an update.   The 4GB consoles that have never been able to run the multiplayer portion of the game will finally be capable of running it.    Some new playlists/gametypes are also expected.

Now, the other part of the update is gonna be good or bad based on your play style.  The Armor Lock feature that allows you to be invulnerable for a short period of time is being modified.  Right now, engaging Armor Lock will cause plasma grenades that have already stuck to you to bounce away.   After the update, you will lose this perk.

I for one welcome this.  I’m okay with the deflection if Armor Lock is already on but it has always been a pain to see the sticky’s fall off after you think you’re going to get the kill.  I have always seen it as being too powerful an ability.

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