Joy of joys! Square Enix has decided to taunt us with another countdown clock. This one is set to detonate around noon EDT on August 7th. It has a big Roman numeral counting down the days and Arabic numerals for the hours, minutes and seconds. I was just on the site as it clicked down from IV days to III days, and when that happened, some smudged kanji appeared below it. I would expect that as it counts down further, the kanji will become clearer and I might be able to translate for you. Square Enix hasn’t had much success with getting these clocks down to zero before a magazine leaks the story. We’ll see about this one, too.

UPDATE: The writing has come into focus enough that I can give the following rough translation:

“The prophecy says there are two roads before the <crimson lotus>

The way that invites ruin <the black abyss> and
the way that defeats ruin <the white flame>…”

UPDATE 8/7/09: The countdown is over, and over at G4, they have a little bit more information on the new title – Lord of Vermilion II. It seems to be an arcade followup to a card-based game from Square Enix. Like SJ at G4, I’m guessing there’s not going to be a US version…at least not for a long time.

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