Rep. Mary Bono Mack, R-Calif.

Rep. Mary Bono Mack, R-Calif., has put forward draft legislation that will institute a basic level of protection that must be maintained on consumers personal information and require notification when a breach is detected.


Most of the details of the bill are not public yet (it is going to be introduced later today) but what is known is the notification clause.  Once a breach has been recognized, businesses will have 48 hours to notify the FTC of the breach.

The bill is called the “Secure and Fortify Electronic Data Act” or SAFE Data Act for short.  It is based on a bill that passed the House in the last Congress.

“You shouldn’t have to cross your fingers and whisper a prayer when you type in a credit card number on your computer and hit ‘enter.’  E-commerce is a vital and growing part of our economy.  We should take steps to embrace and protect it – and that starts with robust cyber security,” Bono Mack continued.  “Most importantly, consumers have a right to know when their personal information has been compromised, and companies and other organizations have an overriding responsibility to promptly alert them.”

This would be a nice requirement.  No longer will we have to wait weeks to months for companies to tell us that our credit card, and other personal info has been taken.

It would have been nice to know about the PSN breach so quickly.  I hope this gets passed into a full law.

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