Sabotage the programming of course.

Marvin Wimberly was a programmer for Orlando’s Bob’s Space Racers. They made and programmed arcade cabinets, and all those fun carnival games you play at the local fair or amusement park. Mark was faced with a pay cut and fewer hours due to slow business. So to keep the money flowing he sabotaged the Whac-A-Mole and other arcade games he was programming.

He had set the program to shutdown and refuse a boot-up after a certain number of on/off cycles. He was smart enough to set the time limit at different intervals for each cabinet to avoid suspicion but apparently could help but brag to 2 co-workers about what he had done. In the end Wimberly cost his employer $100,000 and a hit to its reputation.

“If they hadn’t of discovered that they had the virus installed in the equipment, they wouldn’t have known why their machines were failing,” said Cpt. Steve Aldrich, Holly Hill Police Department.

The charge against him is “Offense against Intellectual Property”. Which doesn’t sound right. Are their no laws against intentional damaging of goods? No laws for fraud? Why are intellectual property laws being invoked?

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