Update (3/29/2012, 07:37 AM EST) – The update has gone live for PC users. Xbox 360 users will be the last to receive the patch, but there is still no date set. We will update you when more information becomes available. 

Remember that huge update that DICE and EA revealed following protests from die-hard Battlefield fans?  Well, that patch and more was released today for the PS3, with Xbox 360 and PC versions to follow soon.

I'll be honest. I'm renting a server to finish off some achievements.

So what pray tell was included in this update. Well, a lot.

  • A new variant of the Wake Island map, which now has 5 flags (as opposed to 3). This will allow for a more tactical experience, since mobile anti-air units will spawn at the beach base (this map is labelled as “CQA Day 2” when browsing for servers)
  • The much anticipated rent-a-server option has gone live, but in a limited form. Throughout the week, DICE will be rolling out servers and hopes to reach maximum capacity within a week. Server ‘renters’ can tweak options including maps and modes, mini map and HUD elements, respawn times and tickets, and much more. Servers prices are set at $1.49/$6.99/$24.99/$64.99 for 1/7/30/90 days.
  • Players now have the option to pay for weapon and vehicle unlocks and upgrades. This is intended for those who don’t have the time (or skill) to level up their weapon and vehicle kits. Prices for each bundle differ: a shortcut kit for a specific class will run you $6.99, while the shortcut kit for vehicles (air and ground are separate) will run you $9.99 each. Those who don’t like co-op can unlock the co-op weapons for $4.99. There are also various bundles, with the ultimate bundle (which unlocks everything) going for $39.99
  • A good amount of fixes and tweaks. Some of the more important ones include a fair amount of MAV changes; MAVs can no longer be used as elevators, and can only kill 1 soldier before exploding. Also, frag rounds used in conjunction with semi-automatic/automatic shotguns have a reduced rate of fire and splash damage.

You will be prompted to download this update when you start the game, and it takes up approximately 1 GB. Also, PS3 users will need to re-download the Back to Karkand expansion, in order for the update to fully work (this can be re-downloaded for free).

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