Patently Apple recently found a patent filed by Microsoft with some interesting details on something called “an immersive display experience.” The patent goes on to describe what an immersive display experience does: “…receive one or more of depth information and color information for the display environment from the depth camera; and display the peripheral image on the environmental surface of the display environment so that the peripheral image appears as a distortion-corrected extension of the primary image.”

The patent also says that the machine can track the player around the room without the player being connected to a device, identifies where the player is so that the machine doesn’t shine a light in their eyes, and works with a tablet, laptop or a keyboard. Pictures show a player engaged in a nondescript FPS, with the FPS displayed around the room, the basics for how the machine would work, and different angles displaying the 360 degree display on the room surrounding the player. Thrilling!

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