You may remember our story about a sex ed game made for British children called Privates!

Zombie Cow founder Dan Marshall said the game is intended to indirectly promote safe sex through its dealing with condom use, sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancy and other themes. Zombie Cow developed the game with funding from U.K. gaming site Channel 4, which plans to market it as educational. The game was written to follow the Personal, Social and Health Education guidelines of the British government’s National Curriculum.

While the game has been available for some time now on PC, the hopes had been to have the game become and Xbox Live Arcade game but Microsoft had been slow to give a response for approval/disapproval. After playing the game myself on my PC I can say it was built with a controller in mind not a Keyboard/mouse combo. Apparently after MS played the game they decided it was not for them. UK developer Zombie Cow Studios has decided to stop development of the Live port after being told by Microsoft representatives that its sexual references made it unsuitable for distribution.

This is okay for the Xbox community to play.
This is not.

So watch the trailer and get your own copy for free directly from Zombie Cow.

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