Earlier this year, when Nintendo announced that there was going to be a new Kirby game, I was pretty excited. The last one I had played was Kirby Crystal Shards on N64. Then, to my surprise, they said that the game would be designed all in yarn, and Kirby would not keep any of his traditional powers. Instead he would have “yarn” abilities and be able to transform into many different things. After playing through the 7 hour campaign and completing the game, I was pleasantly surprised by how they created a new and unique Kirby game.

Story: The game is told by a narrator who sounds like a father or a grandfather talking to a young kid. The premise is that one day when Kirby was wandering dreamland, he found his favorite food, a red-tomato, on top of a bush. But before he could eat it, a Sorcerer named Yin-Yarn came and sucked Kirby into a sock that he was wearing around his neck. When Kirby wakes up, he is in a different world where everything, including himself, is made of Yarn. There he meets Prince Fluff and learns that this world has been taken over by Yin-Yarn. From there the two embark on there journey. The story is just like any other Kirby story, very kiddy and very simple. Really though, who plays a Kirby game for the story, anyways?

Gameplay: The objective of each level is to get from one end to another while trying to collect as many gems as possible. There are also hidden treasures that can be used to decorate your apartment. Putting the stickers in your apartment decorates it but doesn’t seem to have any functional point and does not help progress the story line whatsoever. There are other rooms that can be decorated with specific items, as well. Once the room is decorated,  then a person will move in. After they move in, you are able to play a few mini games with that person including hide and seek and time trials to see if you can collect a certain amount of gems in an allotted time. This adds almost nothing to the game and really can become very repetitive and boring.

There is no way to actually die in the game. When you fall down a hole or get hit by a enemy, you simply lose all of your gems. If you have no gems on  you, you will just stay at 0 gems. Also, there is no time limit in the levels so there really is no sense in rushing around or feeling pressured to complete a level quickly. At the end of the level, the amount of gems that you have are tallied up and you are given a ranking of bronze, silver, or gold. From there, it is off to the next level. After about 3-4 levels, you encounter a boss fight. If you get a gold ranking on a boss fight, you can go to 2 extra bonus levels otherwise you move on to the next world. Overall there are a total of 8 sections with about a total of 56 levels. Co-op mode is also available at anytime and players can be added and dropped at any point. Before every level, the game will ask you how many people are playing (the game only supports up to 2 people, the second player plays as King Fluff). There is also no online mode what so ever which is fine, because I personally really don’t know how that would work out. The game itself is relatively easy since there is really no way to die. As long as you keep up with it and keep trying you can make it through every level as long as you just keep pushing through it.

Controls: Kirby has a array of new powers which are pretty simple to use. In this game you hold your Wii Remote sideways as if it were an NES controller. The D-Pad moves Kirby while the “1” button uses his whip. Using the whip, you can unravel enemies or roll them in a ball of yarn and throw them at other enemies in any direction. Also, the whip can be used to the change scenery by pulling on a strings and zippers in the environment. The “2” button does your basic jump. You are also able to jump and turn into a rock to smash foes. Pressing “2” twice will allow you to gently float down to the ground as a parachute. At times you can grab special power ups and turn into a tank, a off-roader or even a flying saucer which each have their own unique move set. I found Kirby’s new abilities fun, and it’s refreshing to not have to deal with Kirby losing his powers and going and trying to find another ability that ends up not being as good as the previous ability that I had.

Graphics: To be honest, at first glance the graphics blew me away and I was really stunned to see so many colors pop out at me. Everything looks like it was created on a enhanced arts and crafts table, and the way that the yarn like structures and characters move and flow really shows you the amount of detail that they put into the graphics and really shows you how much potential that is really in the Nintendo Wii’s graphics engine.

The game surprised me so much and was a great game to play. If you are a Kirby fan, I would definitely say to pick it up and don’t get turned off by Kirby’s new abilities but embrace them because it is a really cool new way to play. for people with Kids, buy it for them. With no way of dying, and no pressure for them to hurry up and finish a level it really allows them to explore the content of each level. I know that for my daughter, just the visuals and the story itself were able to keep her in a trance the whole time I was playing. Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a great game that everyone can enjoy.

Graphics: ★★★★★★★★★☆
Story: ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆
Gameplay: ★★★★★★★★★☆
Balance: ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Intangibles: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Overall: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

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