Nintendo released a teaser trailer for an upcoming 3DS eShop game called Ketzal’s Corridors. To me it looks Like a mix of Hole in the Wall and Tetris

If you don’t watch TV like myself, you may not have heard of the show Hole in the Wall. It’s a silly game show best described as Human Tetris. A wall with a shape in it comes at the contestant, who then has to bend to the shape in order for the wall to pass by. Here’s a funny example.

Now if you take that concept but use Tetris style blocks then you get Ketzal’s Corridors.

I’m not much of a puzzle gamer but this one caught my eye. The blocks are 3D in shape, the rooms can twist on you, and there are multiplayer modes. It looks pretty challenging and the Aztec theme gives you something better to look at then the traditionally bland Tetris rooms.

No release information has been given yet, but this looks to be a game to watch out for.

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