I’m sure that if you enjoy Dragon Quest like me, you’re tired of waiting for the game to be localized. (Yes, I speak Japanese, but I find that I enjoy my RPGs more in my native language. I’m lazy.) It’ll still be a while before it crosses the ocean, but in the meantime, we can all see what Japan is saying about it, right?

Kotaku has been doing some legwork following the new release of Dragon Quest IX in Japan, and there’s a pretty big split in the ratings so far. First, they found that Amazon Japan customers were completely trashing DQIX in their reviews, with 1 star ratings outpacing any of the other scores. The chief complains were about the level of graphics on the DS, the fact that costume changes were important to the game (See Final Fantasy X-2, Ar Tonelico, and Cross Edge for other examples of this) and a ganguro-esque fairy named Sandy.

On the flipside, there is the perfect 40/40 rating that Famitsu has given DQIX. Traditionally, Famitsu has given high scores to Square Enix games, but this is the first Dragon Quest title to get a perfect score and only the 10th in the history of the magazine. They rave about the gameplay, that it is enjoyable for both veteran fans and newcomers alike, and that the soundtrack and inclusion of multiplayer were both great.

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  • It can be an issue of Western vs Eastern styles and likes. Or it could simply be a case of $$$$ going to paid reviewers. I don’t know kotaku but I know paid good reviews is a problem in America. My best reviewer is the physical shelf at Gamestop. The more used copies there are in the first week after release the worse the game is. I’ve seen 40 copies of “Too Human” on the shelf. I’ve seen no used copies of persona 4 as an example. I’ve seen used copies of “Mary Kate and Ashley go to the Mall”. Which of these games is probably awesome. In my experience if you can wait till atleast one week after release you can tell what games are worth buying by how many used copies are on the shelf. We may just have to wait until it makes it to america to find out.

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