This made my day today. Lego is creating an MMO called Lego Universe.


What will you be able to do in LEGO Universe?

  1. Design your own minifigure – Upon landing in LEGO Universe, you’ll choose from hundreds of options to customize your tiny in-game characters.
  2. Play – Creative adventure awaits as you guide your little LEGO person through an ever-evolving assortment of virtual worlds. Your minifig will be able to jump, run, bounce, build and quest in LEGO Universe.
  3. Build – In LEGO Universe, you’ll be able to build in the virtual space with LEGO pieces—either on your own or in collaboration with other players. The gameworld will also include stacks of ways to bring your most innovative creations to life!
  4. Socialize – LEGO Universe will be a place where you can enjoy socializing with other LEGO fans from all over Earth. Players will have chances to collaborate in adventurous exploration as well as on large-scale creations and sharing their love of playing with LEGO pieces in a safe online playground.

Essentially, you get a giant sandbox to build the pre-designed artifacts that we already know from Lego as well as import your own designs (Imports will need moderator approval, It’s a family friendly environment). The control scheme will be almost identical to the one used in the Lego Console games such as Lego: Star Wars. There is an original story line and associated questing to be had. The amount and type of bricks you have to create is dependent on what quests you take or mini-game challenges you complete. And while PvP is not the focus of the game there will be some friendly challenges that can be had. LEGO Universe will feature popular LEGO play themes and characters from the past and present. Entirely new figures and story lines will also be introduced in the game, and you’ll be able to create your own original characters.

There will be a subscription fee which has not been disclosed yet. (This might just be the first MMO I would pay to play.) If your interested in the game they are taking applications for the Beta right now. (BETA Sign Up) The game itself is scheduled for 3rd quarter 2010 release on the PC.

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