Mystery_Room_CharactersWhile we anxiously await news about Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, the 3DS crossover that features two of the most iconic handheld characters, Level-5 International America has posted a mysterious website link via their Facebook page.

Clicking on the link takes you to a mysterious door, which when opened a handful of times and analyzed with a magnifying glass, reveals a portion of a Professor Layton logo, which looks very similar to the logo for Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. For the uninitiated, Mystery Room is an iOS title developed by Matrix Software (who has worked on various Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Lost in Blue games) and published by Level-5. The story follows Alphendi Layton, son of the famed professor, as he works as an investigator at Scotland Yard with rookie partner Lucy Crelia. 

While it originally launched last year in Japan, Layton Brothers: Mystery Room has yet to see an international release, although it is very likely that Level-5 is looking to bring it westward, courtesy of their American office.

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