The official announcement is expected later today but a few details have already leaked. Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet allowed the player to create their own platformer style game. The sequel to this PS3 exclusive will allow multiple game styles to be created. A user of the Neogaf forums has obtained a copy of Junes Game Informer and has posted the details.

The highlights include:

  1. The ability to create any type of game.  i.e. FPS, Puzzle, Scrolling Shooters, and RPG’s.
  2. The HUD can be customized to the game type.  Such as adding a heath bar for Fighting Games.
  3. Six axis tilt controls can be used for steering in Racing Games.
  4. Add your own recorded sounds from your PC.
  5. Greater customization of enemies, including giving them a fear of heights.
  6. String levels together to make one standalone adventure.
  7. All LBP1 DLC is compatible and usable in LBP2
  8. Creators can make full cutscenes up to 5 minutes in length to allow a story to be told. (Could be very useful for RPG’s)

There is also some details about the first couple of Story Mode levels for those who don’t mind the spoilers.

Looks awesome. Almost makes me wish I had a PS3.

UPDATE: Media Molecule has officially unveiled the game and offered this trailer. Enjoy.

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