Darts.....Serious Business
PDC World Championship Darts: Pro Tour is a new game for the PlayStation Move. As you can tell by the box art it’s serious business. I mean look at how angry and pumped up that fat man is. Featuring Sid Waddell, John Gwynn, Simon Whitlock, Mervin King, Gary Anderson, Robert Thornton, Jelle Klaasen and Colin Osborne!!!

Dan: Hey Greg Whatcha Playing?

Me: Hey Dan, PDC World Championship Darts: Pro Tour. It has the likeness and voice of Sid Waddell!

Dan: Thee Sid Waddell!!

Me: Yes, Thee Sid Waddell!!

Dan: Who the fuck is Sid Waddell?

Me: No Clue but look at that box art. This is a serious game here. Are you trying to say that players would try to play up the tenacity of their game when it’s actually a sedate boring activity?


Dan: This game has a Pegi Rating. Isn’t that for Europeans?

Me: Ya man. They have the best “sports” over there. These are the people that developed Cricket.

Dan: …………

Me: …………

Me: Wanna play Madden Roster Update 20xx?

Dan: Sweet.

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