Ruin ExplorersAccording to announcements from Section 23, Maiden Japan recently acquired a couple of new anime licenses. This July, they’ll be bringing over the four-episode OVA, Ruin Explorers, as well as the 47-episode series, Mobile Police Patlabor TV.

In Ruin Explorers, magic users Fam and Ihrie explore dangerous dungeons in search of the “Ultimate Power.” Unfortunately, our heroines aren’t the only ones on this quest. They only need to find three artifacts to obtain what they seek, but several other adventurers (both magically-inclined and otherwise) are after the same treasures, and it’s not entirely clear just who is up to no good. The OVA will come out on July 2nd on bilingual DVD.

Mobile Police Patlabor TV follows police cadet Noa Izumi as she joins the insane Second Special Vehicles Division as a mech pilot. Noa will have some crazy patrol duties (including “herding whales” and “exorcising hauntings”), plus she’s not the only one who wants to pilot her new favorite mech. This one releases on July 16th on bilingual DVD and Blu-ray.

This isn’t the first time either of these series has been released in the U.S. The TV series forĀ Patlabor was previously handled by Central Park Media, and Ruin Explorers used to be licensed by ADV Films. Section 23 will distribute both titles for Maiden Japan.

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