Scanlation aggregator MangaFox has begun returning VIZ titles such as Bleach and Naruto to their website. In July, they removed a wide variety of licensed series from their site in response to the formation of an anti-piracy coalition that includes VIZ, Tokyopop and Square Enix among others. According to the administrators at the time, the takedown was only going to be “temporary.” It should also be pointed out that the site hosts a wide variety of manga scanlations, that not all of them have been licensed outside of Japan, and that some of the takedowns were requested by the scanlation groups themselves.

According to Anime News Network, while the site was originally founded in New York, the site is now owned by a Chinese company, Hangzhou NOEZ; though we do not know how much this affects the site’s ability to distribute the scans. At the time of the takedown, the site said that they would talk to VIZ and other companies in hopes of being able to put the scans back up. At this point in time, we have not heard anything from VIZ about these discussions and are awaiting comment.

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