Welcome to the latest monthly post of all the games for all platforms that will be released for the month. We will not be commenting on the games in these posts. This is a FYI only. Check out the Primer Links for more details on the games.

All games are listed in release order. All games that do not specify a specific release day will be listed at the end. All dates are for North America and Europe. More publishers, especially the larger ones, are releasing to NA and EU simultaneously but if they are not released on the same day in both regions it will be noted.

The Disclaimer: The dates come from press releases from the game publishers. They don’t always send out a new press release when dates change but we will do our best to keep the list up to date.

Primer 01-05 March, Primer 06-12 March, Primer 13-19 March, Primer 20-26 March, Primer 27-31 March


Rift PC
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Retribution PC
The Flying Dutchman PC


15 days PC PC
Hyperdimension Neptunia PS3
……EU release (NA Release was Feb 15th)
Monster Buster Club DS (online)
Rango: The WORLD DS, PS3, Wii, X360
Redken Busy Scissors DS, Wii
uDraw Pictionary Wii
……EU release (NA Release was Nov 14, 2010)
Xbox 360 Silver Wireless Controller P&C with transforming D-pad X360


Pokémon Black Version/White Version DS


Dragon Age 2 PS3,X360, PC
MLB 11 The Show PS2, PS3, PSP
Major League Baseball 2K11 PC, PS3, PSP, X360, Wii
Phantom Brave PSP
God Eater Burst PSP
Homefront PC, PS3, X360
……NA release (EU Release on March 15)


Patapon 3 PSP


Youda Safari DS


Dragon Age Legends PC
Stoked: Big Air Edition PC, X360
Yoostar 2 PS3, X360


Homefront PC, PS3, X360
……EU release (NA Release was March 8 )
MotoGP 10/11 PS3
Okamiden DS
64th Street iP (online)
Shogun 2: Total War PC
Yakuza 4 PS3
Top Spin 4 PS3, Wii, X360


Alien Breed Trilogy

MotoGP 10/11 X360
Gods Eater Burst PSP
Puzzler World Mac (online)
Top Spin 4 PS3, Wii,, X360
Yakuza 4 PS3


Crysis 2 PC, PS3, X360
……NA release (EU Release on March 31)
F.3.A.R PC, PS3, X360


Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy PSP
……NA release (EU Release on March 25)
Forsaken World PC (online)


The Sims 3 3DS
Ar Tonelico Qoga PS3
Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy PSP
……EU release (NA Release was March 23)
Dynasty Warriors 7 PS3, X360
LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars 3DS, DS, PC, PS3, PSP, Wii, X360
PES 2011 3D 3DS
Ridge Racer 3D 3DS
Starpoint Gemini PC
Super Monkey Ball 3D 3DS
The Next Big Thing PC
Tomb Raider Trilogy Pack PS3
True Crime: Hong Kong PC


……NA release (EU Release on Feb 31)
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters PS3, Wii, X360
WWE All Stars PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, X360
Child of Eden PS3, X360
……NA release (EU Release was Feb 11)
Darkspore PC
WRC: FIA World Rally Championship X360
Nascar 2011 X360, Wii, PS3


Swarm PC


Crysis 2 PC, PS3, X360
……EU release (NA Release was March 22)
Darkspore (Beta) PC
SHIFT2 Unleashed PC, PS3, X360
……EU release (NA Release was March 29)


Adam’s Venture 2: Solomon’s Secret PC
Bracken Tor: The Time of Tooth And Claw PC
Challenge Me: Word Puzzles DS, PC, Wii
Double Dragon iPhone iP (online)
Fable Coin Golf X360 (online)
IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover PC
Mayhem PS3, X360
MLB Manager Online Web
My Fitness Coach: Club PS3, Wii
National Geographic Challenge! PS3, Wii, X360
Pucca Power Up DS
Pyramid PC
Rango DS, PS3, Wii, X360
Ridge Racer Type 4 PS3 (online), PSP (online)
Sequence X360 (online)
The Sims Medieval Mac, PC
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters PS3, Wii, X360
Top Shot Arcade Wii
World of Tanks PC (online)
Xperia PLAY Mob
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s World Championship 2011: Over The Nexus DS

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