The Mario Kart franchise is back. New kart abilities and customization options have been added.  On a big jump the kart becomes a glider that can sail through shortcuts and grows a propeller when underwater.  Some parts of the kart are customizable.  You can add bigger tires for better offroad traction or smaller tires for quick acceleration on the paved track.  Players can race using the typical Mario land characters or their Mii.

There are  SpotPass and StreetPass features.  Ghost time data will definitely be apart of that, but it will be interesting to see if you can unlock different parts for customization with this.  Mario Kart 7 will also be on of the few games to allow multiplayer over the internet.  Online play is not really Nintendo’s strong point but at least there’s a local wireless option as well.  It wasn’t mentioned if you can play multiplayer through download and play (so you will only need one copy of the game), but since Mario Kart DS had this ability it’s likely to be available in this one as well.


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