For readers who missed it, last week I wrote a feature on what I believe to be the ten best RPGs of all time. There was one problem though, there were many fantastic RPGs I would like to have included, but I did not do so. Why? Because I simply have not finished them. As such, I felt that it was still necessary to talk about some of the games that did not make the cut because of my lack of time; therefore, I have made a top ten RPGs list comprised of games I have never finished. Since I have not finished these games, they are in no particular order, though. With that being said, on to the list!

Chrono TriggerChrono Trigger is one of those games that, no matter its age, will continue to live on. It is a story filled with character, personality, and intrigue that grabbed the hearts of many gamers upon its release. Although I have not yet finished Chrono Trigger, the story of time travel and the great gameplay keeps me engaged and wanting to see what comes next. It is genuinely disheartening then that I have not had the time to complete the game. Chrono_Trigger_cover
Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of AmnBaldur’s Gate is undeniably a classic. Before BioWare was acquired by EA, they worked on several other great RPGs including Neverwinter Nights and Planescape: Torment. However, the game that arguably put them on the map was Baldur’s Gate: an RPG that incorporated a great story and gameplay with an isometric view in an unforgettable setting. Then, as it goes with well-developed games, the sequel was even better. Improving upon everything the first Baldur’s Gate did, what I have seen thus far solidifies the game as a classic RPG and a great game. Baldur's_Gate_II_-_Shadows_of_Amn_Coverart
Final Fantasy VIQuite possibly the best Final Fantasy game of all time (and the best RPG of all time), Final Fantasy VI is a fantastic game. Improving upon mechanics introduced in Final Fantasy games past, such as the active time battle system and expanding the magic system, not to mention that the game is set in a fantasy/steampunk world that is utterly a piece of art. To top it all off, the story is great, which is why it tops the list of many gamers’ favorite RPGs. Ff6-logo
Mass EffectWhat many consider to be one of BioWare’s greatest works, Mass Effect is a sprawling sci-fi epic. While I have not quite played enough of the fantastic game to be able to say a lot about it, from what I have seen the writing is good, and so is the gameplay. It nails everything that BioWare does right in their games, and it does it with bravado. While it does have flaws, it does most everything well, and is a darn good game. home_header_noflash_1000x467
Jade EmpireA martial-arts-themed RPG set in ancient China? Sign me up! Jade Empire may be an Xbox Original, but it still holds up well. Jade Empire is a gem. It is set in the time where the country was ruled by dynasties and martial arts styles were king. Comprised of a great soundtrack and fun gameplay, Jade Empire is a great game that I have sadly not had the chance to complete. 00428430-photo-jade-empire
Dark SoulsPunishing, unforgiving, and above all brutal, Dark Souls is not only dark, but relentless as well.  This 2011 RPG by From Software sees you facing off against some of the toughest foes in gaming history. Each one forces you to learn and adapt to the situation at hand to win. The combat is tough and thought-provoking, but it also pulls off an air of brutality that cannot be matched. Dark Souls sets up a intriguing yet foreboding world that is just daring you to give it a whirl. Dark-Souls-GamersBliss
The Witcher 2: Assassins of KingsRarely do games approach morality realistically; often, it is binary good or evil. Not The Witcher series though; the games, created by Polish devs CDProjektRed have a realistic take on morality. What this means is that there is not an absolute good or evil, only the choices made by man. The Witcher 2 does this extremely well and improves upon its predecessor every way in terms of combat, visuals and storytelling. In terms of combat, it is strategic and meticulous. Much like Dark Souls, you can’t simply rush in headlong, you must block and return, and plan out your encounters in advance.
EarthboundWhere to start with this one? Earthbound, or Mother 2 in Japan, is an RPG that simply must be experienced; there is not really any way to effectively to do it justice otherwise. Aside from the so-so combat, the story and setting is the main draw and boy, is it interesting. This game does so many different things in a unique way, and that is what makes is special.  The series also features a talking snake, and that is always a bonus. Earthbound-Wallpapaer-earthbound-mother-538431_1280_1024.jpg
Final Fantasy VIIOut of all the Final Fantasy games, it is very difficult for many to decide between which is better: FFVI or FFVII? While I personally believe the former is the superior of the two, there is no denying the greatness of FFVII, either. Final Fantasy VII centers on the story of Cloud, and it is a darned good story at that. While it in no way reaches the level of some other games on this list, the game was good and it did enough to solidify a place in many gamers’ hearts. FF7logo
DiabloIf you have seen my previous feature, then you know most you need to about Diablo. Diablo is the game that popularized the dungeon-crawler hack-and-slash genre that originated from games like Rogue. It has a great story about fighting the devil himself and fun, addictive gameplay to top it all off. While it may not be as good as Diablo 2, Diablo is still a classic and a joy to play today. Diablo_menu

These RPGs are truly some of the best, which is why it is a shame I have not finished them. There is no doubt that some of these games could have taken spots on my other top ten list. In any case, whether I have finished them or not it does not stop me from enjoying the games. If you are an RPG enthusiast, these are ten games you should definitely try to play at some point in your gaming career.

Between these past two weeks, do you think I’ve still missed some great games? Let us know in the comments!

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