If you’ve been playing multiplayer in Max Payne 3 at all since it released last Tuesday, you may have noticed a few minor changes in XP and cash reward amounts recently.

Rockstar made some small tweaks to payouts for certain actions in multiplayer that went into effect yesterday. Done in the interest of balance, the changes are fairly minor and probably won’t be noticed by any but the most eagle-eyed of players.

Here’s the full list:

New XP values:

  • Kill: 50 XP
  • L2 Burst: 25 XP
  • L3 Burst: 50 XP
  • Territory First In: 25 XP
  • Delivery/Grab Pickup: 25 XP
  • Delivery/Grab Drop-Off: 50 XP

New cash values:

  • x3 Killstreak: $50
  • x5 Killstreak: $75
  • Delivery Pickup: $25
  • Delivery Drop-Off: $25
  • Delivery Intercept: $10
  • Grab Pickup: $50
  • Grab Drop-Off: $50
  • Bomb Defused/Planted: $125
  • Warfare Winning Team: $100
  • PK Loot Special Corpse: $100 (reduction from $250)

I’ve had a blast with Max Payne 3‘s multiplayer–it’s one of the reasons the game was so lavishly praised by our review.

Source: Rockstar, via Game Informer 


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