Metacritic has decided that it will shelve the controversial developer ratings they started over the weekend.

Although our credits database (which is powered by our sister site GameFAQs) is growing, as our users’ feedback has indicated, it is a work in progress and is not nearly as comprehensive as it needs to be to accurately provide a career score for these individuals. As such, we have removed that career score from the pages dedicated to creative individuals behind games on Metacritic. We are still very much committed to building a credits database, and welcome your participation in that process. You can submit information through our sister site GameFAQs here and submit any profile corrections or adjustments here.

From their wording this is only a temporary take down.  They still want to eventually have the ratings back but only after they get a better database of credits going.

I still think it’s a bad idea to do this.  If a  game had gotten 4/10 overall due to bad game play but had a really great story it would be unfair to give the writer the same bad score as the programmers.  If their going to give scores they need to find a way to separate the contributions of the different departments.

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