Official Nintendo Magazine UK has some real game play footage showing how the new Metroid game will play out its mix of 2d and 3d action.

The controls themselves are very similar to Paper Mario for the Wii. Most of the controls are going to be done using the wiimote in the sideways (classic) position. Pointing the Wiimote at the screen will bring up the 3d environment we know from the Metroid Prime series. Still looks like the game play will be awesome.

What worries me is the story will go into a more personal look at who Samus is. This is fine but what is really awesome about her character is she kicks ass without looking like a slut from a hentai magazine. It’s rare to see strong female characters in games. So please don’t turn Samus in to a stupid scared little girl like princess peach, and don’t try to slut her out like like the DOA girls.

Will that be too much to ask?

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