Microsoft Kinect (Previously Known as Natal) is the controller free controller for the Xbox 360.  There are several games already announced for the add-on as well as special kinect only features for the Xbox Dashboard.

The Games:

  • “Kinect Adventures” (Microsoft Game Studios).
  • “Kinectimals” (Frontier Studio, Microsoft Game Studios).
  • “Kinect Joy Ride” (Big Park, Microsoft Game Studios).
  • “Kinect Sports” (Rare, Microsoft Game Studios).
  • “Dance Central” (MTV Games).
  • “Your Shape: Fitness Evolved” (Ubisoft).
  • “EA SPORTS ActiveTM 2” (EA SPORTS)
  • “DECA SPORTS FREEDOM” (Hudson Entertainment)
  • “Dance Masters” (Konami)
  • “Adrenalin Misfits” (Konami)
  • “Zumba Fitness”® (Majesco)
  • “Sonic Free Riders”TM (SEGA)
  • “The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout” (THQ)
  • “Motion Sports” (Ubisoft)
  • “Game PartyTM: In Motion” (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment).

Kinect Hub

Kinect Hub puts your favorite movies, TV programs, music and live sports all in one place — completely controller-free.  Start a movie in instant-on HD in 1080p or your favorite college bowl game by simply saying “Xbox, play,” or browse your entire song library with a wave of a hand.

Video Kinect

With Video Kinect, you can video conference with your Xbox friends, as well as watch videos together.

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