Set in the future, two teams of cloned soldiers battle to destroy the other team’s ‘Money Ball’ as a competitive sport. Teams of six characters work against each other to escort waves of robots to the other team’s ‘Money Ball’, the objective being to have the robots remove its shield so the players can destroy it to win the game. Various actions such as killing enemies earns in-game cash for the player, which can be spent to upgrade skills, equipment or stationary defenses.

There are six classes with 2 weapons, 3active and 1 passive skill.


  • Assault, a standard shooter class
  • Tank, highest all out attack power
  • Sniper
  • Support,  this class both heals and places defensive turrets
  • Gunner, equipped with a massive minigun and secondary mortars
  • Assassin, with a dagger and shurikens.

Set for 2010 Release on Xbox Live Arcade
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